AGIA Winter Warmer – July 2017 – date to be confirmed


AGIA AGM – September 2017 – date to be confirmed 


AGIA Xmas Soiree – December 2017 – date to be confirmed
Other events of interest:


PPDM Events: 1 June Brisbane lunch;  10 August Perth Data Management Workshop; 7 September Brisbane lunch


Open Repositories Conference, 26-30 June 2017, Brisbane, Qld: The annual Open Repositories Conference brings together users and developers of open digital repository platforms from higher education, government, galleries, libraries, archives and museums. The Conference provides an interactive forum for delegates from around the world to come together and explore the global challenges and opportunities facing libraries and the broader scholarly information landscape. 

8th International Association for Mathematical Geosciences Conference (IAMG 2017), 2-9 September 2017, Fremantle, WA: The aim of the conference is to promote the advancement of mathematics, statistics and informatics in the geosciences. Areas of geoscience application include studies of the Earth, its natural resources and the environment. 

Earth Science Week, 8-14 October 2017


2018 AGCC Symposium: With the support and commitment of its eight Member Organisations the AGC is developing the AGC Convention 2018 (AGCC 2018). This will be held in Adelaide during Earth Science Week (14-18 October, 2018).