The GAB and AGIA Winter Warmer 2014

The latest edition of the The Great Australian Byte brings you Part 2 of the wrap-up from the AGIA 2013 Geoscience Information Seminar: Can you trust your data?, with summaries of the presentations given by colleagues from Chevron Australia.

Perth recently hosted a number professional engagement opportunities for those
in the information and data management professions. The ANDS Research Data
Management Roundtable provided interesting insight into the journey toward
open access data management, while Tim Sherratt’s presentation The Future of
Trove at Digital Collections Online was thought-provoking and inspirational. More
information about these events is contained in this issue of the GAB.

AGIA has organised guest speaker Sue Cook (Information Specialist at CSIRO) to discuss the development of the CSIRO’s Data Access Portal (DAP) at the AGIA Winter Warmer on Tuesday 29th July 2014. The breakfast will be held at BHP Billiton in Perth – bookings are essential for building entry. Please see the Events page for full details.