Presentations & articles of interest

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Grey literature in the geosciences, Angela Riganti, published with permission from TAG

AGIA 2015 Geoscience Information Seminar: Legacy data – looking at the past, thinking of the future

Session 1 Presentations (112MB):
1. Joe Cucuzza, Data Metallogenica – the principle database of samples, data and information on the world’s mineral deposits past, present and future.
2. Fiona Dodd, Keeping petroleum data alive – the GSWA experience
3. Geoscience legacy data and collection management in South Australia
a) Shelagh Krummel, A legacy map collection at the University of Adelaide
b) Pam Aagaard, Resources and Energy Group, Department of State Development, SA: Adding value to geoscientific data for exploration
c) Julie Roberts, The Santos experience
d) Julie Roberts, AESIS – a different type of legacy
4. Kerry Smith, Launch of AGIA Occasional Paper No. 8

Session 2 Presentations (16MB):
5. Sarah Pinfold, Mining for value in Iluka’s legacy data systems
6. Ann Fitton, Oh what a legacy! The WAMEX (WA Mineral Exploration Report) experience
7. Guy Holmes, Legacy data – lessons learned (and ignored) from the past
8. Brent McInnes, A laboratory-based system for managing and distributing publicly funded geochemical data in a collaborative environment

 A miser’s guide to sourcing data and information: where to look (& who to ask), Vanessa Johnson,  PPDM Perth Data Management Symposium 2015

125 years of legacy data at the Geological Survey of Western Australia: Capture and delivery, Angela Riganti, Terence R. Farrell, Margaret J. Ellis, Felicia Irimies, Colin D. Strickland, Sarah K. Martin, Darren J. Wallace. GeoResJ, Volume 6, June 2015, Pages 175-194, ISSN 2214-2428,

CSIRO Data Access Portal, Sue Cook (2014), AGIA Winter Warmer
Explanatory Notes for the 21st Century, Angela Riganti (2012), 34th International Geological Conference
The Geosciences: Selected Web Resources, Linda Zellmer (2011)Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship

Charting the progress of a custom-built library: Designing, building and implementing library and knowledge management applications in SharePoint: Presentation for ALLA conference “Cross Currents: Charting our Future” Melbourne 2010: October 1, 2010

Intranets for information management and accessibilityPresentation [PowerPoint] for ARK Group event “Information Management for the legal profession”: August 25, 2011, plus speaking notes

Improving the quality of geoscientific information, Yacopetti & Mundell (2010), Bowen Basin Symposium

Capitalising on unstructured data - report by Camille Peters (2009)

Finding geoscience petroleum information, Mari Sell (2007), Geoscience Information 101

Finding geoscience minerals information, Liz Amann (2007), Geoscience Information 101

From takeover to take-off: Issues in managing information transfers and migration in the current frenetic M&A environment, Amann, Ellis & Grennan (2007), Geoscience Information 101. Also presented at AESC Perth (2008).

Geological Survey of Western Australia Data, Margaret Ellis (2007), Geoscience Information 101

Information Online 2007 - picture gallery

Data storage and management: Vignettes from the geoscience industry, George Cho (2006)

Mining Industry Geospatial Consortium (2006)

Data storage and management: Confusion between the two, Maxwell Geoservices
Fractal Technologies: Management of derived and interpreted geological data, Fractal Technologies