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The National Committee is responsible for the publication of the AGIA newsletter – The Great Australian Byte (GAB) – which informally communicates topics of interest and the activities of the National Committee and the Branches. You can access the current issue and back issues from the links below.

Current issue: December 2018 Volume 19 Part 2


  • AGIA AGM – Reports, New National Committee and Special Resolution
  • AGIA Membership Benefits
  • Report on AGIA Activities at the Australian Geoscience Council Convention (AGCC2018)
  • PPDM Perth Data Management Workshop & Field Trip 2018

Back issues:

Please note some archived issues are held in Dropbox which is blocked by some organisations. Please contact the webmaster if you are unable to access a publication of interest.

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Note: The back issues of the GAB available on this website are as originally published and may contain dead links. The reasons for maintaining issues in this form is:

  1. practical – AGIA does not have the resources to continually revisit articles and check web links; and
  2. philosophical – keeping the GAB in its original form is an important part of the historical record of AGIA.

Where possible, newsletter links to information from the original edition of AGIA’s website have been made available elsewhere on this site (e.g. Associations, AGM Minutes, Presentations & Articles of Interest). You can also view an archived version of the original website via the National Library of Australia here.


Occasional Paper 11Australian Geoscience Council Convention 2018 AGIA Post Convention Workshop 16 Proceedings: Unrealised billions – deposits hidden in legacy data, 19th October 2018, Clovelly Park S.A. Abstracts and presentationsAGIA National Committee (Ed. Vanessa Johnson)2019view pdf
Occasional Paper 10Access to geoscience information – a survey on GeMPeTKerry Smith2017view pdf
Occasional Paper 9AGIA 2015 Geoscience Information Seminar proceedings: Legacy data - looking at the past, thinking of the futureAGIA National Committee (Ed. Vanessa Johnson)2016view pdf
Occasional Paper 8Developments in Australian geoscience information in the late 1960s and onwards with special reference to the Australian Mineral Foundation, the Australian Earth Sciences Information System and the Australian Thesaurus of Earth Sciences and Related TermsD.A. (Des) Tellis2015view pdf
Occasional Paper 7Union list of serials in Western Australian geoscience libraries, 1993AGIA (WA Branch): Eds. Irene Nutt & Bobbie Bruce1993view pdf
Occasional Paper 6Union list of journals in NSW geoscience libraries (2nd edition)Suzanne Newton (nee Mead)1992view pdf
Occasional Paper 5AGIA union list of journals in NSW librariesSuzanne Mead1990view pdf
Occasional Paper 4Guidelines for geoscience bibliographical databasesLorraine A. Gerdes & Kerry Smith1990view pdf
Occasional Paper 3A Directory of geoscience information sources for Western Australia (2nd edition)AGIA (WA Branch); Ed. Stephen Lipple1990view pdf
Occasional Paper 3A Directory of geoscience information sources for Western AustraliaAGIA (WA Branch); Ed. Ian Barnett.1987view pdf
Occasional Paper 2Papers presented at the AGIA map workshop on 24 July 1985 at the Australian Mineral Foundation, Adelaide.AGIA (SA Branch)1985view pdf
Occasional Paper 1Geochemical databases: the Western Mining experienceRichard Young1985view pdf

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