Legacy Data – Looking at the Past, Thinking of the Future

AGIA is calling for speakers for the upcoming AGIA Seminar Legacy Data – Looking at the Past, Thinking of the Future, to be held on Thursday October 22, 2015 at Technology Park in Bentley (Perth, WA).

Talks are invited that touch on one or more of the following aspects of legacy data capture and delivery:

  • Future proofing of legacy data (preservation, media/format changes)
  • Methodologies: digitizing, mapping, storage, etc.
  • Metadata: how they are dealt with, automatic generation
  • Data delivery, broadening access
  • Extracting value from your data: maximising the return on your investment
  • Selling the message: how to get funding for legacy data projects

Case studies with take home messages (what went well and what didn’t!) are welcome.

If you are interested in presenting please contact secretary@agia.org.au.

For those seeking inspiration, the following article (lead author AGIA President Angela Riganti) is available online through the open access journal GeoResJ:

Angela Riganti, Terence R. Farrell, Margaret J. Ellis, Felicia Irimies, Colin D. Strickland, Sarah K. Martin, Darren J. Wallace, 125 years of legacy data at the Geological Survey of Western Australia: Capture and delivery, GeoResJ, Volume 6, June 2015, Pages 175-194, ISSN 2214-2428, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.grj.2015.02.015.