Geoscience Information 101 – version 3.0?

AGIA’s National Committee is planning a revival of the Geoscience Information 101 seminar/workshop, tentatively scheduled for October 2013. AGIA is seeking input from members about the content of this professional development event:

What do you want to learn?

Who do you want to hear?

What would you like to share?

Previous Geoscience Information 101 seminars have included topics such as finding geoscience information, issues in managing information transfers and migration, and data available from the Geological Survey of Western Australia. Themes so far suggested for the 2013 seminar/workshop include Geoscience Information Management in the 21st Century, and Preservation of Geoscience Information Today.

Suggestions for topics will be sought from members attending the AGIA Easter Breakfast on 26 March 2013, and these will be shared with the membership via The Great Australian Byte newsletter and AGIA’s LinkedIn®  group to encourage further feedback.